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Centering Prayer

Prayer is traditionally considered to be thoughts or feelings expressed in words.  In contrast, Centering Prayer is a receptive mode of silent prayer.  It is a method that prepares one to receive the gift of contemplative prayer – the experience of God’s presence within.

“Contemplative prayer is the opening of mind and heart – our whole being – to God…

Through grace we open our awareness to God, whom we know by faith is within us, closer than breathing, closer than thinking, closer than choosing – closer than consciousness itself” (The Method of Centering Prayer).

Centering Prayer is practiced by choosing a word or phrase that represents your attention and intention to remain in the presence of God.  Sample words include Jesus, Peace, Rest, Holy Spirit, etc.  This word helps you to return to your center throughout the prayer.

Any time that you become distracted by your thoughts, you are to say this word.  The repetition of this word is to reaffirm your intention to remain in God’s presence and surrender your will to His. By using your word to keep your heart and mind centered on God, you attempt to rest in God’s presence and to allow God to speak and work in your spirit.

Centering Prayer Group


A transformative wisdom practice in the Christian contemplative tradition.

Centering Prayer affirms the unique spiritual path of each individual.  All are welcome, regardless of your faith tradition, or even non-tradition.  Come and experience for yourself this healing practice of self-emptying love.

Experience a meditative practice in the Christian contemplative tradition that will open your mind and heart – your whole being – to the Divine, the Ultimate Mystery, beyond thoughts, words, and emotions.

We are a small group of individuals who meet the first and third Fridays of the month to share fellowship and deepen our prayer through contemplation. Leadership is rotated. Confidentiality and a deeply supportive atmosphere are maintained.

Scheduling Information

Due to COVID-19, we are not currently offering this program. Please join our mailing list for updates! 

Registration Cost

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