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HealthRHYTHMS Drumming


HealthRHYTHMS drumming is all about learning, discovering, enjoying and sharing musical insights that can help everyone improve quality of life. Common experiences include joy, creativity, sudden outbursts of energy and inspiration. Come drum with us!



Holistic Practitioners

Based on a recreational music program called HealthRHYTHMS, research has demonstrated many health benefits, including:

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Improves mood states and reduces burnout

  • Modulates the human stress response

  • Reverses stress on the genetic level

  • Brings a sense of fulfillment, enthusiasm and personal accomplishment

  • Promotes teamwork, camaraderie and support

  • Increases attentiveness, active anticipation, and socialization

  • Enhances self esteem

  • Positive mood affects include happiness, contentment, laugher and joy

Session Overview

Drums and other percussion instruments are available or you may bring your own

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