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Guided Meditation


Guided Meditation uses the human voice to guide listeners into a meditative state. There are two primary types of Guided Meditation: Affirmations and Guided Imagery.

Affirmations are gentle statements that encourage establishing patterns of “positive self talk.” There is a human tendency towards “negative self talk,” which can leave you stuck in unhealthy patterns. These patterns can limit your possibilities. Affirmations are used to help reprogram your subconscious mind, including thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. The encouraging statements used in affirmations can become your default reaction in stressful situations. They can empower you to reach your full potential.

Guided Imagery meditations “paint a word picture” of visual images that enhance a holistic approach to specific topics such as physical health, emotional health or relationships. Guided Imagery will guide you into a deeper state of meditation. So it is important to utilize guided imagery when you are able to focus on the meditation in a safe location without distractions.

Practicing Guided Meditation with a group provides additional benefits. Sharing experiences promotes motivation to make meditation a habit, enhances the energy exchange, and fosters emotional support.


Holistic Practitioners

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