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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) is a practice of Embodied Mindfulness.  Clients receive stretches while engaging in explorative mindfulness-based dialogue; then translate those insights into practical and supportive life-changing action.  PRYT is excellent for deep healing from trauma, life challenges, and chronic pain; as well as for self-care, personal growth, and stress management.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is not simply “yoga,” but a union of mindbody psychology and embodied presence. It is integrative in that PRYT addresses all aspects of human experiencing of the world by bringing body and emotions into awareness.


Sessions consist of assisted yoga postures with movement and include touch, exploration of parts (elements of Gestalt work), meditation, non-judging mindfulness practices, and empathic listening (based on Carl Roger’s work). ” This combination allows the client to develop awareness of traumas and challenges, and to create change based on the insights gained

Session Overview

PRYT is offered in both private sessions of 60-80 minutes and in an 8-week group class format.


Holistic Practitioners

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