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Zapped to Zen

Ever feel like you’ve got zero left to give, yet you muscle on because there’s important things to be done in this world (and you’re THE ONE to make things happen!)? Ever feel like self-care is just one more should on a very full plate?

You don’t need to add one more thing, you need to learn how to create intentional space to BE between all your DOs. You need to listen deeply to what your body and Spirit(ed) self yearn for. You need 8 weeks dedicated to forming new, life-changing habits. You need to go from Zapped to Zen! Your life will never be the same. I promise–mine isn’t!

Thematic 8-Week Approach:

Week One : Befriending the Body/Body as Team Player
Week Two : Developing Awareness
Week Three : Practicing Acceptance
Week Four : Choosing
Retreat Weekend : Cultivating Relation to Self and Purpose (6 hour retreat day)
Week Five : Discerning
Week Six : Discovering Personal Truth
Week Seven : Acting on Truth
Week Eight : Re-Creating/Flow

Program Results:

Practices build resiliency to stress and change

Mindfulness practices are research-based practices found to:

Address the symptoms of PTSD and trauma-related symptoms
(50% of PTSD sufferers also suffer chronic pain), reduce the experience of pain, stop stress headaches, IBS, and other patterned body stress responses, and reduce anxiety and improve sleep patterns

Embodied mindfulness, the practice of experiencing mindfulness through body awareness, is demonstrated to accelerate change due to engagement of body memory in the process and unique ability to tap into the fight or flight response of the animal brain

Phoenix Rising Groups are used as/with: childbirth trauma, standard protocol in oncology units, weight loss and dietary change programs & eating disorders, trauma recovery, corporate executives and peak performance

The 8-week format creates a foundation for permanent lifestyle change through formation of new and mindful habits

Scheduling & Registration

Due to COVID-19, we are not currently offering this program. Please join our mailing list for updates! 



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