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Laurie Jahnke

Laurie Jahnke is a healer working with chiropractic, myofascial release, nervous system balance, auriculotherapy, functional medicine and nutrition. She works to meet people where they are on their health journey and show them where they could be.  When they are ready, she helps them get there.  She loves the salutagenic model of health - that is focusing on health and well-being, and continuing to optimize one’s health over their life time. Watching people struggle with chronic diseases and the exponential growth of these conditions is one of her primary motivators.  There is so much that can be done to avoid and minimize the suffering of chronic disease. Laurie enjoys coaching people on their path and being a catalyst in their healing journey.  Thyroid problems, Digestive Issues, ADHD, Autism and addiction are just a few of her areas of focus. 

You can find more information at where they provide gentle chiropractic, practical solutions and professional care. 

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