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Holistic Practitioners


Missy Marty

Missy Marty, holds a BS and Masters in Education with a Concentration in Montessori, she is a professional photographer, independent wellness advocate and crew member at Trader Joe's.  She has experience in education, working as a teacher, administrator, and dietitian for Terry’s Montessori School since 1986. Missy also has experience as a business owner and professional photographer for Camera Happy Photography, Ltd., founded in 2004.  In the Spring 2019, Missy joined the crew at the Cincinnati Trader Joe's Store.


Missy began her journey into holistic healing in 2011 after reading CLEAN by Alejandro Junger and being introduced to the benefits of Essential Oils. In March 2013, she received her certification in AromaTouch Technique.  In February 2014, Missy attended The Journey Into Healing conference with Depok Chopra in Carlsbad, California.


In recent years, Missy has seen being conscious of how to treat the body, the soul, and the mind makes a huge impact on life.  Using exercise, sleep, meditation, nutrition, and nature can be beneficial to supporting the systems of the body.  She has shared this experience with others and has seen how their lives have been transformed in positive ways.  This transformation motivates Missy to offer assistance and educate more individuals interested in learning about healthier lifestyle opportunities.

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Phone : 513-708-5605

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