HealthRHYTHMS Drumming

HealthRHYTHYMS Drumming Workshop


This 2 hour introductory drumming workshop is all about learning, discovering, enjoying and sharing musical insights that can help everyone improve quality of life.
Based on the empowerment-drumming program HealthRHYTHMS, research has demonstrated many health benefits including improved mood, stress management and immune function.

Come learn how HealthRHYTHMS can support positive overall health! Drums and other percussion instruments are available for your use or you may bring you own. Come drum with us!

Scheduling Information

1st Tuesday of Every Month 7-9 pm beginning 1/7/2020.

Registration & Fees
$25 / Workshop
Weekly HealthRHYTHYMS Graduate Group


This group is by invitation for members who have participated in a HealthRHYTHMS Drumming Workshop.

Those who have already experienced the mind, body and spirit benefits of drumming during the HealthRHYTHMS Drumming Workshop have asked, Now What? Based on your interest, we have created a HealthRHYTHMS Graduate Group.

Scheduling Information

Weekly on Mondays 7-8:30p

Registration & Fees
The fee is $15 per class. A prepaid discount of 4 groups for $50 is another option. If that poses a sense of financial hardship, please contact Tera and she can discuss options.
Monthly Drumming Circle


A Drumming Circle provides the opportunity to connect with others through vibration.

Drumming promotes relaxation, healing, emotional release, and fun.  Many people experience drumming as an opportunity for personal and spiritual transformation.

A variety of percussion instruments will be available or bring your own.  Prior experience with drumming is not required.

Scheduling Information

Currently ON PAUSE.  Please contact Christi if you are interested.

Registration & Fees
A donation to The Healing Space is welcomed.

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