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Space as a Healing Modality

The intentional creation of Healing Spaces is a relatively new strategy in traditional healthcare.  The ancient practices of holistic healing have embraced the healing potential of place for thousands of years.  In the spiritual traditions, this strategy is reflected in the concept of a sanctuary.  One board member described a Healing Space as “hospice for the living.”

The Healing Space of Cincinnati was created out of a desire to repurpose a historic 1870 house owned by the Presbyterian Church of Wyoming. The building was extensively remodeled specifically to empower holistic healing.

Holistic healing modalities embrace the philosophy that the Mind, Body and Spirit impact all dimensions of life.  People are able to live most fully when their Mind, Body and Spirit are integrated.  Holistic Healing services are designed to promote wholeness for a wide variety of physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual challenges.

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For more information:

The Healing Space of Cincinnati

217 Wyoming Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45215


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